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Welcome to the Western Stabilization Video Library.


1.1 Million Square Feet in 5 Days!!!

Project – Corde Crossing
Location – Tracy, California
Contractor – Teichert Construction
General Contractor – Big D
Building Pad – 1,1000,000 Sq. Ft Treatment – 16” at 4%, with a soil weight of 110, spread rate 5.9 Lbs. per foot.
Job completed in 5 Days from start to finish.
Teichert placed Class II AB on the pad in 5 Days as well Job was lime treated and rocked in 6 Days

Cordes Crossing, Tracy Ca.
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Western Stabilization
West Sacramento, Ca. Building #3

Contractor - Teichert Construction
Prime contractor - Alston Construction Company INC
Location - West Sacramento, Ca. Southport Industrial Park Building size
Pad 494,240 12” 4.7 lbs per sq ft.
               Auto Parking 33,400 sq ft
               Truck Parking 309,250 sq ft
Concrete Apron 108,540 all 12” 4.7 lbs per sq ft.
Job completion - Fall 2015

West Sacramento, Ca. Building 3
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Rio Alto Pondsod, California

Bentonite was used a clay liner for the future Water Treatment Plant

This project consisted of a pond that is 256,00 Sq Ft with a slop of 3 to 1.

Job Specs
Floor - 12" deep at 5 lbs/ft
Slop - 12" deep at 5 lbs/ft

Davis Test Sections
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Davis Test Sections

The test section was complete by the donation of Equipment and Time by Western Stabilization and Teichert Construction, UC Davis furnished all binding products.

All test sections where done at 13 inches depth, which consisted of 5 inches A.C. and 8 inches of 2 AB with a Soil Weight of 135. 5 inches of A.C. was placed over entire test site after treatment, followed by Caltran’s Road Simulator for the testing of each section.

All test information will be published at the completion of work.

Treated Sections are as follows
1. 4% Cement               6. Emulsion – 5%
2. 5% Cement               7. Pulverize only
3. 6% Cement               7A. Pulverize only
4. 6% Cement – 48 Hour Micro Crack
5. Cold Foam – 1 ½% Cement and 3% PG-110 oil.

Davis Test Sections
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Cordelia Scales I-80 Scales Project East Bound specifications

Project started in April of 2012 and to be completed in Oct. 2012.

310,000 SqFt at 18 inches depth with 7% High Calcium Quick Lime or 1.5 Lbs per SqFt.
Lime Treatment to be done in 2 phases, consisting of lime treating the sub grade beneath the new section of Hwy 12 east bound which parallels the project along Hwy 80.

The Contractor is OC Jones out of Berkeley Calif.

Lime Soil Stabilization Cordelia Scales
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Project X (aka) Amazon

Patterson Ca.

Job Spec's Building Pad - 1,015,486 Sq Ft

Lime Treated 15" deep 5.3 lbs of lime per Sq Ft.

Work was preformed using 2 full crews
2 Spreaders
2 Mixers
1 Compactor
3 Water Trucks
Project was completed in 9 day from start to finish on the Lime treated Area.

Soil Stabilization with lime for Amazon
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Soil Dry-up using lime

This job consisted of a single day mix and dry-up to a depth of 18" at 3% lime ratio. Soil engineers approved the incorporation of all existing vegetation with the mix and Dry-up process. Since this was a dry-up only, compaction of the soil was not required.

The contractor is to finish and balance the site.

18" depth
3% lime
One Day, without compaction

soil dry-up with lime
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County Road 28H / Yolo County Central Landfill – Davis Ca. Teichert Construction

Cement soil stabilization of Count Rd 28H and the inside staging area and main entrance to the Yolo County Central Landfill.

Job Specification
• 141000 Square Feet
• Mix to 18" Depth
• 9.4 lbs of cement per square foot spread rate.

Cement Soil Stabilization
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Western Stabilization
CFIPR (cold foam in place recycling)

Western Stabilization - Presentation that introduces you to the CFIPR (cold foam in place recycling) process. We highlight our first Caltrans project, Hwy 20 near Williams CA., as an example of what is required to make a CFIPR project successful. You are taken from design all the way through to final product showing required procedures and equipment. The CFIPR process saves time, resources and most of all money as a new road is built from what is already available from the existing road.

cold foam in place recycling
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Fort Bragg, California -
Foam Asphalt

Western Stabilization foaming asphalt in Fort Bragg. Working with Argonaut Construction, we have reconstructed Franklin Street from Cypress to Oak Street. In a train fashion our Wirtgen 2500 pushed an oil tanker while pulling a water truck to perform the cold-foam injection process. This process produced a high-quality usable base roadway by recycling Fort Bragg's old road! This is great news for California, Foam Asphalt Recycling conserves materials and energy, while cutting down on construction truck traffic. The citizens of Fort Bragg reaped the benefit of the minimized impact to the public by utilizing this recycling process. Fort Bragg is extremely pleased and have told us that they look forward to many more projects in the future. We are excited about up-coming projects and look forward to more recycling in this city soon.

Job info: 220,000 sq. ft. @ 7 inch depth with 3% oil completed in 4 days (it was planned for 10 days)

Foam Asphalt in Fort Bragg, Ca.
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What does Foamed Bitumen look like?

This is a bucket of foamed oil.

On 6-15-2010

Western Stabilization gives a chemical soil stabilization presentation about using quicklime, cement, and/or fly-ash for structural sections, along with Caltrans for the San Francisco Geo-Institute (SFGI) at Caltrans Distric 4 Auditorium in Oakland California.

Recycyling - Mixing the recycled road material with the foam bitumen (asphalt)

The WR2500S used in soil stabilization could have an 8 ft or 10 ft mixing drum. When combined with a foam asphalt spray bar the Wirtgen WR2500S has the capability of recycling the existing road material to provide a new and stronger road base.

This video show the mixing processes. The hot bitumen, air and water will be mixed together at precise amounts to produce the foamed bitumen or sometime called foamed asphalt. The resulting foamed bitumen is then introduced into the mixing chamber, to be mixed with recycled road material. The video shows the pulverizing of old road base for recycling and the mixing of the foamed asphalt process in one step. Sometimes it necessary to pre-pulverize and introduce a stabilizing agent before the mixing can be accomplished.

Please see our video “Foaming” for a more complete look at how the foamed asphalt is produced.

Foaming - Foam Bitumen (Asphalt) Process
The Wirtgen WR2500S soil stabilizer is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled foam bitumen spray bar, which has 16 individual nozzles and expansion chambers insuring the even distribution of foam throughout the process.

This video show the basic operation of the foam spray nozzles and expansion chamber. The Hot Bitumen entering the nozzles, mixing with the precise amount of water and air to produce the foamed bitumen.

The Foamed Bitumen is then mixed with recycled road material (and stabilizing agent if needed) to create a stronger, higher load-carrying base for road reconstruction.

Please see our video “Recycling” for a more complete look at the mixing process.


Western Stabilization – Our Winterization/Dry-Up of your site eliminates down-time. It allows you to go back to work and start construction just one day after the completion of the soil treatment. The beauty of our Winterization/Dry-Up is that it protects your site throughout the entire construction project, one treatment is all it takes.

You can even winterize your site well before winter sets in. This process saves you money in the long run.

You can potentially gain some structural value when you winterize your site. Western Stabilization's Winterization/Dry-Up process reduces expansion and increases the strength of the soil, allowing you to decrease the rock and pavement sections. Winterization/Dry-Up gives your engineers options in designing structural sections that can save you money.

Back to Work in
1 -3 Days or
1-3 Months?
You decide.

Western Stabilization – Asphalt Pulverizing in Petaluma

There’s NO down-side!

Asphalt Pulverization Recycling saves the cost of excavating the old base, as well as the cost of importing new base materials. The options are simple. Bring in new aggregate at considerable cost or recycle your existing asphalt to create a new base at minimal cost.

This job required a uniform pulverized mixture that incorporated the full thickness (2”to 3”) of asphalt pavement and the underlying base for a total of 8”, that would provide an upgraded, homogenous base material for the Full Depth Reclamation.

Ashpalt Pulverizing in Petaluma

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