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Western introduces Foamed Asphalt Recycling to Western United States.
Western Stabilization was the first contractor to bring Foamed Asphalt Recycling to the Western United States. It was, in fact, our company that introduced Foamed Asphalt Recycling to Caltrans.

Western Stabilization owns Wirtgen WR series recyclers. We utilize the machines best suited for your project.

Projects have ranged from state highways to smaller, private roads, large parking areas, and intermodel yard reconstruction projects.
Viable, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive rehabilitation of roadways.
Foamed Asphalt Recycling is an “in-place” reconstruction process of existing roads and other pavement sections. Recycling is more cost-effective than total reconstruction. Foamed Asphalt Recycling has been known to cut reconstruction costs by fifty percent.

  • Save up to 50% of traditional reconstruction costs
  • No hauling away of existing materials
  • No importation of new base material
  • Reduced truck traffic to and from the jobsite results in reduced fuel consumption and vehicle emission levels.

Provides longterm value.           
Foamed Asphalt lengthens the life of the finished product and decreases future maintenance considerably. Foamed Asphalt creates a flexible, non-expansive and fatigue-resistant base, with strength characteristics approaching those of cemented materials.

Low impact on the public and surrounding businesses.

  • Up to 50% faster than traditional road reconstruction
  • Reduces traffic delays
  • Cuts down on construction traffic
  • Roads are re-opened daily

Highway 20 was daily re-opened to traffic within 3 hours of completing the finishing operation.

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