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Recycling the existing asphalt on-site to create a better product.
Asphalt Pulverization Recycling, – also known as “Full Depth Reclamation,” – is becoming a much more common practice. This process allows you to recycle an existing asphalt section, along with a portion of the base material. This newly pulverized recycled material can now be used as a new base on-site or at a different location.

There’s no down-side!
Asphalt Pulverization Recycling saves the cost of excavating the old base, as well as the cost of importing new base materials. The options are simple. Bring in new aggregate at considerable cost or recycle your existing asphalt to create a new base at minimal cost.

Some benefits of Asphalt Pulverization Recycling are:

  • Long-term and cost-effective
  • Accelerates the reconstruction process
  • Future maintenance costs are reduced
  • Minimal impact on the public and surrounding businesses
  • Better for the environment
  • Conserves natural resources, reducing importation of new base materials
  • End-product can be used for other reconstruction projects

High-production recycling machines.
Western Stabilization’s recyclers are state-of-the-art, high-production pulverizing machines. This equipment can achieve gradation that typically meets Class 2 ASB specifications.

There are several options for recycling your pulverized asphalt. Please call us to discuss your specific situation.

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