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3/23/2009 | Watch Out for Preblends

A warning about preblends from Ron Heinzen G.E. 'Our firm has recently seen an increasing number of conformance issues with soil stabilization products, such as lime and cement, that have been altered after delivery from the original manufacturers. We have found, for example, large variations between labortory-prepared samples and conformance tests completed on field samples. If you are completing soil stabilization prjects, we suggest that you carefully collect samples in airtight plastic containers of the products used. We also suggest that you request specific design information from the geotechnical engineer of record for possible comparison with samples of products collected daily from your project. If possible, it would be best to collect certified weight tickets upon delivery of soil stabilization products to your job site. Finally, please be aware that Caltrans has revised Sect 24. Procedures for evaluating in-place density tests, keeping the grade moist, and spreading and mixing lime and cement on seperate days are just some of the issues addressed in the revised Sect 24. If you have any questions, please contact us. Sincerely, Ron Heinzen 209-948-1345'