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5/9/10 | Not All Lime is Created Equal

Not all lime is created equal. CaO is the key component in Quicklime to facilitate soil stabilization. Quality Quicklime has a minimum CaO of 90% or better. Do yourself a favor and check the material data sheet for product coming to your job. Confirm truck tags along with material certification. Don't allow Pre-blended products on your site. There is absolutely no way to know what you are getting if it comes pre-blended. Also please note, as of today there are only two Lime suppliers of quality Quicklime in the region; Graymont Western US and Chemical Lime.

No matter what contractor you use for soil stabilization, you should always make sure you check all paperwork and bag field samples for future reference if there are issues. Please double check and make sure you get what you paid for.

Management of Western Satbilization