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Welcome to the Western Stabilization Current News Section!

Here you will find the latest company news and events that we would like you to know about.


1/16/2015 | 1.1 Million Square Feet in 5 Days!!!

1.1 Million Square Feet in 5 Days!!! Job completed in 5 Days from start to finish Teichert placed Class II AB on the pad in 5 Days as well. Job was lime treated and rocked in 6 Days Go to the Video Library on our home page to watch the Video

Proje ... More>>


12-29-14 | Kings New Arena is in the Works!

Kings New Arena is in the Works!

Check out our Promotional Video. The Kings new home will be open in the Fall of 2016.

If you love the Kings, This commercial is a must see!

Watch, Enjoy, and pass it on!

Go Kings!

Go to the Video Libra ... More>>


12/5/2012 | Full-depth reclamation is tested at U.C. Pavement

Western Stabilization donates Equipment and Time to complete the sections for the

Full-depth reclamation process that is being tested at U.C. Pavement Research Center.

To read the article featured in the California Asp ... More>>


6/16/2010 | John Jordan speaks at the SFGI

On 6-15-2010 Western Stabilization gives a chemical soil stabilization presentation about using quicklime, cement, and/or fly-ash for structural sections, along with Caltrans for the San Francisco Geo-Institute (SFGI) at Caltrans Distric 4 Auditorium ... More>>


3/23/2009 | Watch Out for Preblends

A warning about preblends from Ron Heinzen G.E. 'Our firm has recently seen an increasing number of conformance issues with soil stabilization products, such as lime and cement, that have been altered after delivery from the original manufacturers. W ... More>>



5/9/10 | Not All Lime is Created Equal

Not all lime is created equal. CaO is the key component in Quicklime to facilitate soil stabilization. Quality Quicklime has a minimum CaO of 90% or better. Do yourself a favor and check the material data sheet for product coming to your job. Confirm ... More>>