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Rock solid.
The heart of Western Stabilization is our people. Most have been with the company for years. Some have been here since 1978, when Western Stabilization began. This translates into over 350 years combined field experience, innovation, leadership and close customer relationships backing every job.

No other company has the experience Western Stabilization has when it comes to soil stabilization and asphalt recycling.
Our valued clients are general engineering contractors, the private sector, and state, county and city Public Works.

Accelerate your job timeline and save money.
Western Stabilization gives you the greatest return on your soil stabilization and asphalt recycling investments.
Western Stabilization:

  • Customizes our equipment for greater production.
  • Eliminates delays due to transport limitations and equipment shortages.
  • Employs a large and experienced workforce.

Designs and builds our own equipment, which is able to handle the muddiest conditions and allows you to work through the winter.

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